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Tired, workplace tears in gone with the wind

This time, standing here, no stage, no flowers, no audience, but I need to do one choice, their speech, their applause for yourself Tour products. Said, to leave the place where I struggle for two years, this let I have countless longing, shattered dreams. To this day, I really is not easy, when midnight they couldn't help with tears wet pillow. Cowardice, don't think so, is there will always be tired, there are always want to cry, frank point sad depressed after the cry! Crying is not a sin, a rare a release. 
All say parents, not to travel! Travel that is unfilial, just I still carry bag alone set foot on the train heading north, the figure of waved farewell to their parents in at the moment when the train to start, the distance between more and more far, even the little black shadow finally disappear. No sorrow, my heart is only for the unknown in fear and expectation, I hope that in another piece of heaven and earth have what I want, pay off my parents. Because as long as I'm good, they will be good. And I finally wish is to let them live better. 
But not all go in the first batch of tves have fish to eat, not all of the first to dare to eat crab could walk sideways. I just is not the one, full of desire, full efforts, after looking for the subjective and objective reasons, I stood on the playground with the snow. Think for the first time, Snow White is so harsh, snowy day is so icy, cold to the bone marrow, frozen to the heart, tears drop in face of that moment has frozen, it falls in the snow, divided, as my heart, falling apart. 
Already know, there is no absolute fairness in the world, not only can you have; Can not your character; I just can not you have the ability to. When I made an effort, and management arranged all the work, let everything in an orderly way of business. But these finally does not belong to me, but my leadership. 
Even if the leader only done but as long as his gift to send to the driver, have bought such a post serviced apartments hk; Even if he didn't a month in this company several times, no instructions, nu skin hk not ask; Even if he just stood there in the presence of President of lifting the curtain... His salary from 5000 to 5000 and a performance fee but my salary is still even reach 2300. I gave him a company more than 1000 performance to do more than ten thousand a day, but my education subsidies all take less than 200, put aside all rotted in the company. 
Thought is 7 or explosion, stay or go? 
They all told me that my partners to the south and the high-level leaders of our company is the assurance of words matter said, you have to believe you have the ability, you so well, again, and so on, and so on, can back to the southern company development, such as no sweet without sweat, you are pioneers, is the leadership of the south branch, led a large number of employees, and money. 
But is it true, that will do, a year later, it will be again a year, I am still the charge horse, but my hay, my nest, always lack of shabby. I admit that swift horse before did not meet bole, it must be very hard to rush about overworked, but this is not the swift horse has been hard, like a donkey blindfolded. Swift horse has worked as a donkey, how could one day will forget the taste of the prairie, forget the four hoofs are used to running, forgot myself turned out to be a spirited horse, can a horse galloping horses. 
In conversation with the President finally dispirited and discouraged, I just regret the most brilliant chairman didn't have to see, every time is so crazy is missed. But in addition to the high-level finished I will contact , but I'm sorry. In the company after a series of Ming in fights, we head down, the chairman's in-laws came up, but he do not understand our products completely, also never done related work, he just made a doctor. 
I stood under the numbness of applause leadership speech, numbness of looking at the next big cleaning, immediately the President's men all outgoing calls transfer. Tired yao, see their strength cheerfully, those who once in the company for many years, after go home waiting for the deployment. Once those who treat me as a friend, invited me to go home, because finally free, before Chinese New Year didn't they now have three days holiday, in the bright eyes smile, tears after drunk, but my silent tears. 
Tired, really tired, don't want to, finally, so let's go. Just this is my first time in a big company in the tens of thousands of struggle, a man just out of university, used to hold a beautiful dream from south to north in this struggle, struggle through countless times. Did the dirty work in the company, a bloody dissecting a chicken from head to foot with a knife, tao viscera, lard, lu in the whole body full of chicken bile bloody. Tired, very tired, nausea, vomiting, but because there is a dream so think can stick to, from primary to senior training management, but when start is transferred to the headquarters to the branch why heart becomes bloody? Much worse than before the whole bloody, my eyes didn't stick to it. 
Workplace, I understand the rules, but not the hearts, rules can study,  can be broken, but the heart is hurt, disappointed and angry, the what? Want is the respect of the company for a talent, value, fair treatment, use for good, not with crony, a attaches great importance to the credibility of the company's commitment to what should have to bear for this. 
Up to now, my partner in the south of five people, more than one hundred people today still have less than ten men remain in the bitter supports complaining every day soho serviced apartment, these days, there are two said to leave, I respect your choice.