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Love story needs to be the hero

Once heard a word "really in my heart, never need to remember, because forever will not forget", perhaps strange memory too deep, culturelle in my heart will be pain, learn to forget, but I was wrong, I naive to think with the passage of time, the memory will fade in the heart, buried in the mind. I want to put words into one story, on point of view, to describe me the characters in the story. 
-- -- -- -- -- -- -- preface 
If the next time love story needs to be the hero. 
Hope don't change, 
One is you, 
One is me. 
Be like, the pen to write down the past, 
To leave a good memory 
For a long time not written, 
Thought is already forgotten some feeling, 
Found myself just back, 
Never far from them. 
Banging on the keyboard, 
There will be not the emotions and thoughts, 
Express endless thoughts. 
Leaves fall is reminded me buried in the bottom of my heart that my feeling, 
A share of fallen leaves make the lonely melancholy flowing again. 
Looking back at the beautiful time, 
As if yesterday, 
QingJian flowing, 
The years vicissitudes of life culturelle
The world of mortals, 
Love at first sight of the meet, 
To meet the right person, 
See the smile, 
To give a suitable person, 
I think that life, had, that's enough. Meet in the life journey this is the episode in the life, to love each other together go to the finish line, it is very difficult. So please don't give yourself too stringent requirements, also don't have unlimited expectations to someone, or are tired, let nature take its course of moving, good scenery is not necessarily in the mountains, as long as remember, you, also is only a picture in my view, you can. 
Time is a merciless chains, 
And I just like to himself trapped in the past years. 
The past has passed, 
But why you can not pass with yourself? 
You are the man. 
I'm sorry 
I can't forget the past 
My dream 
In my heart 
In my soul 
Is full of her footprint 
I want to use words, 
Record the hazy fragments, 
In order to better recall. 
Read you is warm! 
No one asked me, 
No sorrow. 
Regardless of the time is short and long, 
The more you want to forget the past, 
The more forget, 
Because memory is too deep, 
Too deep to forget. 
Uncover the dusty memory, 
I in addition to pain, 
Or pain, 
I always very carefully guarded it electrical desk
Don't be remember, 
But don't know, 
The scar or me. 
Some memories, 
Once remembered, 
Will let you were dead, 
Addicted to the feeling, 
May trap may deep, 
Unable to extricate themselves. 
How to read, 
Smoke past, 
Shengs xiaos float away, 
In lighting, 
Know the forgotten, 
No sorrow. 
That the engraved on the memory, 
For me, 
In the boundless universe, 
Met a lot of, 
But rarely fall in love, 
The friendship is so, 
Love is, 
Eventually form a stranger, 
Disappear in the boundless huge, 
Finalizing it. 
See and not see, 
I have been in situ, 
Silent guardian a pleasant winter's chance. 
To not come, 
I have been there, 
In one thousand alone. 
Inexplicably to visit each other, 
Go or not speaking it. 
Two yiyi accumulation and dispersion, 
This heavy burden who also can't afford! 
The young memory 
Take out 
Wipe not to go 
I'm sorry