Afternoon tea CCC

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Looking up at the

 The moonlight annoys 
Flowers fade, self-denying fall. Not pure, at an early date in shibuya annihilation in the wind HKUE amec, the fragrance, whether or not, still, for a long time with bud? The initial dream, whether, still, remember? You ask me, I looked out of the window: clouds, mist curled up, shook his head not language. Suddenly remind of a word: everything will be all in the past, this time the mountains both, nor when the water at this time. Everything will be all the past, are you, me and vice-versa. 
Jade Jue from to, not a grain. But, the essence of the jade, no longer like. Sunshine diffuse, I look up at the sky, blue sky, in development, the idea was born. Like an invisible hand in her control. I waved goodbye, north to the goose, and that HKUE ENG, o youth. Look at the sky and see the road ahead. 
Xiao yuan 
Harvest moon, guanghua dyeing, swept the tip ratio crow, wood neighs. Deep courtyard, Mr Liao, thin light pipes, a lingering sound waves. One light a pavilion, a glass of wine, a flower a tree, a shadow on the ground floor. 
A passer-by, hobnob pale, a passenger, HKUE ENG drink dry snow. A wise man, do read the vicissitudes of life, a zen master, see world of mortals. A you, go on and a I, lonely sit under the moon. 
Dance party sleeve, a paint and ink, shallow books meaning, read in the past. The xuan paper and ink, carry, brow one thousand jins thin, wrinkles layer thickness. Inner clothing, holding the purple jar, waves, ripples heart wan knot thoughts, a jar of water, scooped up Dream beauty pro hard sell, forehead thousand grain, frost myriad root. 
Drunk a cup of 
Chi drink jade cup, at that time the gyration, with life circle. Dream on, miss my beyond a few back to? A cup a refill, drunk, tonight a mei, asked a mill: white pony life, but also a few times? Ng, that link only.