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Treasure your treasure network

Accustomed to, in the middle of the night to knock down as snow, passing on the full of heart to you, a cup of coffee, send less than your mouth, is sent to the full.
Walking in the vast net sea, in the words of the mountains are high ShuiChangLi or fields are enchanting, taste the life is a cup of bitter, sweet and sour. Net sea colorful, colorful colorful, small screen, rendering the human changes in temperature Dream beauty pro, the situation of hot and cold. The fate is so wonderful, a casual click, connect you and me, a k a day, in the horn of a sea, in the small network, had the deep friendship. 
Always thought that the network is so fitting, virtual net, the head of the virtual, virtual comings and goings. Until I met you, I just know, network is not virtual. Forgot how to add you, and after you have reaped sincerely touched, again and again be caring and attentive care, told time and again to pay attention to the body, simple words, warm warm friendship. Slowly, I put my mind to talk to you, I have trouble to pour out to you, and you, always patiently listen to my nagging, appealed to my helpless and helpless. So many times can't find the direction of your life, it's you, have never met a friend, we have some persuasion, encouragement, let me find the path of life slowly. 
You haven't asked my phone number, I didn't ask where you live, you haven't asked me is male or female, I don't have asked your age. Only in the virtual world, appreciate each other, cherish each other. A tacit understanding comes from the bosom friend of the soul, a mutually yue know come from the heart. Fingers on the keyboard to knock the shining words, his heart always appear to be in your heart, you understand me, as I know myself. It turns out that a knows, a tacit understanding, is such a pleasure, with every pore in joyed breathing. 
Not about video, not via voice, text pieces such as snow, passing the love and cherish each other. Accustomed to open the computer every day, will receive your greetings, accustomed to reply whenever you will have your lightning, in the virtual world, Dream beauty pro to know what is called the "care", are also feeling the sweet warm. Little computer screens, present in each other's heart, a joke, a beautiful, a kind of smiling face, a warm warm care, let the mood in hot spring bath. 
Because the bosom friend, miss white clouds mountain trail; Because of pity, the stars accompany the moon has each New Year. Far, far, don't need to promise, also did not make the end of time, a stick, a bosom friend of tacit understanding, in heart to heart pity for a long long. 
Toast gaze toward the moon, the end of the world at this time, one time, you sent a big full moon figure, at the same time to share a song mountain stream to find friend, I'll send you later the two glasses, you say: "that knows me, you also, tonight, just drunk this month next time." I said: "without a toast with you, what is this life. With you tonight, not drunk no return." Some talk, some kind of silly, the dependence of a soul, crossing the mountain, across the water, in the mountain, water is mae, hundreds of flowers in the moonlight, spirit, soul, memories, god drunk. 
Every day, feel your feeling in your words, read with your heart in your words, for the first time you each dynamic, sent to my care and miss. I was cut a cloud sky, overlooking the you under the sky overcast and cloudy sunny. You are not falling stars in the sky, perceive my world changes in temperature. Separated, cut constantly mutual feelings of pity, my world has you miss. A hot summer day, there is a proverb to you laugh, my world in an instant with cool breeze slowly, the cold winter, have you talk be caring and attentive, never see the warm sun, Dream beauty pro warm water has already spread all over the body. 
The distance across the long march, we chat chat with ancient story, a small screen, rendering the little secret of our heart, I cry, I smile, can not fall in front of your eyes to hide. Your happy, your trouble, can leave no into my mind. And you chat of time always goes quickly, have nothing to talk, no tired, occasionally lazy don't want to type, send some pictures and music to each other, will receive a recognition and the resonance of the mind, every time is coming, to say "another day to chat, bye bye. Each time won't offline with you chat late into the night, in the virtual network, we reveal the true self, not to let yourself into the world of each other. 
I know that a cup of coffee, HKUE amec send less than your lips, is sent to a deep friendship, I chat with you a "dear", there is no ambiguity, is the heart sounds clear qing chunchun obviously, an "I miss you", without impurities, is clean soul.